The World’s Toughest Outboard Marathon

Outboard Marathon Nationals - Racing August 11th-12th, 2018

Inland Waterway, Northern Michigan

Join the Top O’ Michigan Outboard Racing Club (Tomorc) this August for the 69th Annual Marathon. Over two days of exciting and tough outboard racing in Northern Michigan. The course navigates through 87 miles of Northern Michigan’s beautiful Inland Waterway. Registration will be Friday, August 11th, from 5 to 8 pm at the race pits. Register also on Saturday, 8-9 AM at the race pits.






2018 Course

Saturdays course: approx 42 miles, modified Lemans start from pits out 1/4 mile to turn bouy and then back into Indian River. Race runs through Indian River then along the West side of Mullett Lake and entering Cheboygan River and running its full length to turn around bouy in Cheboygan. The course then follows the same route back to start/finish line at pits. Sundays course: approx 42 miles, modified Lemans start from pits across Burt Lake and then North to entrance of Crooked River. Course runs through Crooked River and into and around Crooked Lake making 3 check points and then back into Crooked River. Course then continues South along the West side of Burt Lake then across the lake into the Indian River. The race travels the full length of Indian River to a check point at Mullett Lake and then back through Indian River to the start/finish line at pits. The Top O’ Michigan Outboard Racing Club welcomes new participants and race veterans alike.

Aerial photo provided by McVideo Productions

Club History

The TOMORC started in 1949 as the Top O’ Michigan Marathon Association. The tomorc has continued to support the region & promote the marathon for the past 70 years. The club has 25 active members who have continued to put on the oldest & most prestigious race in the outboard marathon circuit. The Top O’ Michigan Outboard Marathon has become the Marathon Nationals for many years. In 2013, the Top O’ Michigan Marathon won the American Power Boat Association Kevin Ladd Award for Best Stock Outboard Race in Region 6.

Contact Us

General Info:

Commodore: Tom Fairbairn
Vice Commodore: Daniel Pearson
Treasurer: Sarah Bek
Secretary: Kimberly Rouleau
Associate Member: Wayne Blomberg

PO Box 873
Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740

tomorc race
Photo provided by Patrick D. McGinnis

Past Champs

2017 – Peter Lauer 24M
2016 – Mac Pfalzer 999V
2015 – Terry Kerr 52M
2014 – Mac Pfalzer 999V
2013 – JR Broge 30M
2017 – Samantha Fairbairn 44M
2016 – James Klein 91M
2015 – Peter Lauer 24M
2014 – Amanda Hagerl 4M
2013 – Amanda Hagerl 4M
2017 – Justin Giegler 66M
2016 – Justin Giegler 66M
2015 – Brent Johnson 84F
2014 – Fred Hollerback 22M
2013 – Peter Lauer 24M
2017 – Dustin Pearson 195M
2016 – Tim Ross 75M
2015 – Dustin Pearson 195M
2014 – Tim Ross 75M
2013 – Tim Ross 75M
2017 – Josh Pearson 95M
2016 – Fred Hollerback 22M
2015 – Fred Hollerback 22M
2014 – Josh Pearson 95M
2013 – Josh Pearson 95M
2017 – Jake Jerge & Samantha Appleyard 4
2016 – K. Yacko/R. Anspach
2015 – J. Yacko/S.Greene 17
2014 – J. Yacko/J. Greene 17
2013 – J. Yacko/J. Greene 17
2015 – Peter Pulaski/Henry Aistadi 4
2017 – Raymond & Emily Crooks 36
2016 – William & Amanda Chernick
2015 – Lee & Ryan Hallenbeck U81
2014 – Lee & Ryan Hallenbeck 91
2013 – Lee Hallenbeck/K. Jewell 91
2017 – Jeff Howie & Steven Parsons 8
2016 – Steve & Lauren Hertz
2015 – John & Steve Heunick US1
2014 – J. Heunick/Megan Nolan 44
2013 – John & Steve Heunick US1
2017 – Emily Kerr 54M
2016 – Nathan Kowalski 33M